The Cold War And Soviet Union

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There are many theories and opinions of how the cold war started. Some believe that the cold war was the result of the belligerence of Joseph Stalin and the insecurity it caused in the United States and the West. Others believe the primary responsibility for the cold war derives from the hardline policies of the United States. (Viewpoints Article: the Soviet Union Start the Cold War) I believe The Cold War was triggered by the theory of two superpower countries in a race for dominance in the world of nuclear arms. The nuclear arms race triggering the Cold War was due to the ignorance and arrogance of USSR (soviet union) and its display of nuclear capabilities and the willingness to deploying such tragic and drastic measures upon the world.…show more content…
The Cold War generated a worldwide awareness to the dangerous aspects and facets of obtaining, maintaining, and threatening the use of nuclear armament on an opposing force. The Cold War and all its tactical facets gave the world an intuitive insight into the military two superpowers whom developed nuclear warheads in an attempt to threaten each other. Both countries created, advertise, and intentionally promoted their purposeful actions on releasing chemical agents upon their opponents. (Viewpoints Article: the Soviet Union Start the Cold War) With the uncovering of military related acts, both countries began to feel the animosity of each other and decided to create a strong positional stance regarding their military and economic ideology. The Soviet Union began to display its nuclear arms capabilities and its intentions on using it against the United States. With its ever growing nuclear capabilities and its countless developments of distribution centers and laboratories within the Soviet Union couple with the interest of American military, the United States began to feel the onset of nuclear threats posed against the American people as Truman and the administration officials had become convinced that, left unchecked, the Soviet Union would
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