The Cold War And The American War

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The cold war and the American war in Vietnam are inseparable, if it was not for the cold war the Soviet Union, America, and China would not have gotten involved in a civil war that would have remained in the country. Because of the cold war it defined how the Vietnam War would be fought. Interesting fact, “the conflict in Vietnam stemmed from the interaction of two major phenomena of the post WWII era, DECOLONIZATION—the dissolution of colonial empires—and the cold war” (18). NATIONALISM during this era was on a rise in many colonial empires, further more the European powers were weak from WWII. The breakdown of the colonial empires changed the political future for the rest of time. Often time change is something hard for any country to achieve, in the case of Vietnam change was followed by war. In 1940 France lost against Germany, thus Japan exploited this fact and put upon them a protectorate in the French colony in Vietnam, this lead Japan to overtake the French government in March of 1945. During the same year nationalist from Vietnam were involved in a war with France, which was anticolonial, this same time the cold war with the Untied States and the USSR was “evolving into an ideological and power struggle with global dimensions” (18). This is how some many regions got involved in the war of Vietnam. Something that is important about the DECOLONIZATION of Vietnam during this time seemed to be nationalist faction, which was THE VIET MINH were led by communists, this
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