The Cold War And The Cuban Missile Crisis

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“Well I was lying there unconscious feeling kind of exempt. When the judge said that silence was a sign of contempt. He took out his gavel, banged me hard on the head. He fined me ten years in prison, and a whole lot of bread. It was the red, white and blue making war on the poor. Blind mother justice, on a pile of manure. Say your prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance every night. And tomorrow, you 'll be feeling all right” (Song Lyrics by Mimi and Richard Fariña). Most know of and have studied the Cold War: lasting almost fifty years leaving most American citizens living in complete fear of nuclear annihilation at any moment in time. Many can even name important events in the Cold War, such as ‘The Berlin Wall Collapsing’ or ‘The Cuban Missile Crisis’, however there is one major part of the Cold War that most tend to forget and glance over: McCarthyism, or the Red Scare. Senator Joseph McCarthy stressed an importance on ending communism in America, and during the 1950s, many accused to be affiliated with communists were sent to court and sometimes to prison when, in fact, most were innocent. Those blamed were kept under close watch by the American government and were often called before the House Un-American Activities Committee. The House Un-American Activities Committee was compiled to try those accused of being communist and held thousands of cases such as the infamous Hiss case. As hysteria spread throughout America in a frantic search for communists, more and more…
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