The Cold War And The Soviet Union

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The Cold War was a state of political hostility between the U.S and the Soviet bloc, the most powerful nations in the world. The two countries fought together as allies in World War II but toward the end of the War the two nations competing ideologies and visions of the post War prevented them from working together. The Cold War was by far the biggest threat to human existence the world has ever seen, although their was never any declaration of War between the two competing nations, the Soviet Union and the United States both had weapons of mass destruction, that was capable of destroying human life as we know today. From the end of World War II up until the collapse of the Soviet Union the two nations competed in expanding their spheres of influence throughout the world. By 1960 Communism had maintained a high degree of focus, coordination, discipline, and strategic coherence in spreading its ideologies throughout the world,the West seemed to be quite the opposite. In discussing the Cold War throughout this period, you will catch a glimpse of the various events that put the united states and the West on the defensive against communism. At the end of World War II Stalin’s post War vision involved defying the U.S and creating buffer zones between the Soviet Bloc and Germany. In creating this buffer zone the Soviet Union created Communist friendly governments throughout Eastern Europe. The spread of Communism in Eastern Europe created a division between Eastern and

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