The Cold War And The Soviet Union

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The cold war can be described as a state of political, military and economic tension between the western world and its democratic ideals and Eastern Europe who shared that communist ideology. It was however lead mainly by the two super powers that rose at the end of the Second World War, the United States and the USSR. The War put a lot of pressure on both Britain and France in terms of their economic and military resources as they were still recovering from the consequences of the First World War and so left them drained towards the end of the Second World War when Germany was defeated. The US and the Soviet Union were the only countries left who still held a significant amount of power and so the rise in their power inevitably lead to…show more content…
After the downfall of Germany, allied countries ceased control over the region and divided it into 4 zones. Each of which would be controlled by, America, France, Britain and the Soviet Union. Berlin, for example was under the control of the soviet however the capital was also divided into four zones with each ally having jurisdiction over a zone. (Clare, .) Over time the democratic countries merged together their individual zones and formed the Federal Republic of Germany as a result. Tensions began to rise between West Germany and the soviet controlled Germany. This polarisation of Germany not only shows us how the ideological view point of each ally changed and effected German politics in the east and the west, but also as Germany as a whole. This can be seen when comparing the level of economic development of the west to the south. West Germanys’ political ideology came from the democratic countries and essentially allowed it to also become a stable democracy. This political influence allowed West Germany to be included in some European affairs and also helped regain trust within some European counties who, at this point did not trust Germany and did not want to be affiliated with then in anyway. An example of this, is the treaty signed by France and Germany which is known
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