The Cold War And The Soviet Union

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The war between the United States and the former Soviet Union, referred to as the Cold War, was one in which no fighting occurred directly between the two powers. The primary reason for the war for the Soviet Union was to spread communism while the U.S. attempted to stop the spread of communism to make way for capitalism. The U.S. and the Soviet Union considered themselves different to their core, but they used identical tactics to fight this war. Although the Cold War was considered and arms race, such that the main fighting was trying to have more nuclear power than the enemy, the most important soldiers of the Cold War were artists. The weapons these artists used were children, illustrating them in a way that would provoke the population to consent to the war. The Cold War was fought using propaganda involving children with messages including protection, prosperity, and stereotypes. The first type of propaganda used in the Cold War by both the United States and the Soviet Union was depicting children as happy because their bliss represents a nation that is prosperous. Both nations believed that if domestic order could be achieved, national order would follow effortlessly because the family unit is the first line of defense against the opposing system. The nations believed having happy, well educated, prosperous children was a sign that their economic system was superior, so both nations tried to give the children the best lives possible, meaning children born in the

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