The Cold War And The Soviet Union

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Along the course of American history, this nation has seen many conflicts in its brief timeline. However, as the alliance between America and the USSR dissolved after the second World War, the relationship between both superpowers began to fluctuate as they competed to spread their varying ideologies. This unique time period became known as the Cold War, a conflict unique as it was not fought with normal methods of warfare. In fact, it was not fought with weapons at all. To fully understand this unconventional war, it is important to understand the background to the hostile relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union. It is also important to study its methods of warfare and the conflicts that arose. The Cold War began as a…show more content…
After seeing this, Russia created its own form of alliance to protect itself from an attack as well, showing how tension quickly arose between both countries as a result of distrust. To add on, the introduction of the Truman Doctrine and efforts of Containment in Greece and Turkey further broadened the ideas of distrust among nations. America wanted to stop the spread of communism in Europe by providing financial aid to weaker countries and was vocal about its intentions of containment (Doc. 2). These actions and ideologies between America and Russia created the foundation of suspicion and tension during the Cold War. Although it is described as a war, The Cold War is unique as no physical fighting ensued between Russia and America. Instead, it was a battle using weapons of passive-aggressiveness between nations. One of weapons used during the Cold War is propaganda. An example of this propaganda can be seen in Khrushchev’s 1956 speech in which he introduces and defends the idea that America is attempting world domination (Doc. 6). Khrushchev said this to the Russian citizens to influence their feelings of negativity toward America and to justify his feelings of distrust towards them. Another weapon of The Cold War was military and financial aid. Although this seems ineffective, this greatly helped Europe as ideas like the Marshall plan helped to prevent “...heavy economic, social, and political damage,” (Doc. 3). With a stronger Europe, it

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