The Cold War Between America And The Soviet Union

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The Cold War

The Cold War was a war between America and the Soviet Union. Both sides threatened to blow each other up with Nuclear Weapons. This war was a Cold War because neither side used weapons on the other. Both sides got involved in wars that they did not need to be involved in, but they fought just to prove they were the stronger country. When the Korean War and the Vietnam War broke out, both countries joined the fight to help out allies although their allies could fight the war alone. Many pacts, alliances, and treaties were formed because of the Cold War, mainly so we did not destroy the Earth. It took many years and multiple leaders on both sides to come to a resolution. Although America technically won the war, we were really just bystanders to the natural death of the Soviet Union.

The Cold War started after WWII, because both sides thought they were right. The Soviet Union and the United States were allies during the war in an attempt to take down Nazi Germany. Finally, when WWII ended we all tried to fix what was broken. But eventually conflict arose over who started a new Germany and it just happened to be between America and the Soviet Union. Over time the threats started to arise between the two world powers. The Soviet Union believed in communism. They thought it was the way of life and they wanted everyone to live like they did. With Germany being a…
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