The Cold War Between Communism And Communism

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After WW2, United States became the greatest power in the world; many American politicians thought that Unites states should play the role as a leader to “lead the rest of the world to a future of international cooperation, expanding democracy, and ever-increasing living standards (Give me Liberty P952).” They wanted to express the idea of equality, civil rights, and the freedom to the world, and hoped to build an easier world for democracy and capitalism. However, Soviet Union, which was the only power that could rival the United States, claimed that communism could make the world more organized and ordered. Both countries hoped to expend their influences around the world, and their confliction generally turned to be a cold war, in other words, a battle between Capitalism and Communism. The cold war coincided with the civil rights movement in the United States and had a strong influence on Africa-Americans’ action of pursuing racial equality. Although some left-wing activists in the united states pushed the blacks and some whites into fear of speaking for the Africa-Americans, cold war still provided the blacks a good opportunity and a great starting reason to fight for their civil rights and also enabled the U.S government realized the importance of racial equality for their promotion of democracy because of domestic and international pressure.
The United States aimed to spread ideas of “democracy” and “free people” worldwide, whereas the rapid spread and expansion of…
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