The Cold War Between The Soviet Union And The United States

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After World War II, the practices of Communism, a political ideology, quickly spread from the Soviet Union to other countries in the Eastern Hemisphere. The United States, a country that practices democracy, avidly made it known to other nations that it opposed communist practices. In response to the rapid number of nations that were beginning to practice it, the United States set a goal to limit the amount of nations that practiced it. A poorly planned invasion by the United States on Cuba and certain locations of nuclear weapons increased tensions in the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. This brought the world closer to a full out nuclear war than ever before. From choosing sides in the Ogaden War to opposing views on free enterprise, many conflicts arose between the United States and the Soviet Union which helped increase tension levels between the two nations. Ultimately, these contests led to the global awareness of the dangers of nuclear weapons.
When World War II ended with an Allied victory, a new problem arose; Communism was swiftly spreading to other countries in the Eastern Hemisphere. Communism is a social system where all property is owned by the government in a classless society. The United States believed that communism took away many individual rights of those under its rule. This therefore violated the principles stated in the United States Constitution which gave all people certain natural rights. On the contrary, the Union of Soviet…
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