The Cold War Civil Rights Movement

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There are factors that drive people, and pride is by far one of the more prominent forces in controlling human behavior. Each with their own individual goal in mind, their pride played a heavy factor in the determination of them reaching that goal or falling short. In many instances, the pride of many outweighed that of the main contributor and history was changed in the course of it. The Cold War Civil Rights movement is an excellent example of when pride gets the best of us and we act on it without thought.” The external struggle of two powerhouse nations led all attention to the elaborate details of those countries, while the internal struggle within those countries exploited an even greater evil. Incidentally, the timing of the two managed to work in unison and push for the expansion of the other. Two nations had their pride at stake, while trying to outdo the other in areas besides the battle field, the only issue was the reoccurring civil injustices happening within each country. Although the Cold War started, shortly before the Civil Rights Movements began the timing could have never been better. As the African American people began their march towards equality and proper treatment by a nation that had enslaved their ancestors forcefully, that same nation began the most intense non-armed war in the existence of humankind. African Americans were well aware of the events happening throughout the world, and their pre-emptive ability to capitalize on the fragile integrity…
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