The Cold War During World War II

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The Cold War started soon after the end of World War II, when allying countries realized that their ideas and beliefs did not coincide with the others, making it difficult to ensure world peace and making it necessary to alter principles and morals in order to come to agreements in favor of international asylum. In war, an enemy 's enemy is a friend, which is exactly why the United States and the Soviet Union allied during World War II to defeat Nazi Germany, but once the war had ended, the war allies had nearly nothing in common: the Soviet Union wanted to spread and defend communism, the United States wanted to spread and defend capitalism, although the way the U.S.S.R enforced its ways was usually through violence, oppression, and…show more content…
The U.S.S.R hoped to gain a larger spread of their communist influence throughout the world, especially in third world countries, but their former war ally’s goal was to defend capitalism. Each thought the other’s ideologies were incorrect and theirs superior. This caused a power struggle between two countries that would soon become two of the biggest superpowers in the world and put them in a position where they would have to either agree with each other or overpower each other. There was little trust between the Soviet Union and the United States for many reasons, but mostly because they could not tell what the other was thinking or what the other was going to do next. This caused a lot of suspicion, and the United States started performing many covert operations under the cover of the Central Intelligence Agency. Many of their operations would be considered unethical if discovered by American citizens, such as mind control drugs and secretly invading air space that was previously agreed upon as private. But the United States had to do these things because they considered it necessary to prevent an unseen attack. Gaddis further explained their reasoning, "For them the issue was simple: The Soviet Union had been engaging in espionage, financing 'front ' organizations, subverting foreign governments, and seeking to
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