The Cold War During World War II

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The Cold War was a crucial war that took place shortly after World War II. The Cold War was a war between the Soviet Union and the United States. It is interesting to note that two countries that worked together as a team and were allies during World War II goes into war against each other shortly after the end of the greatest war in human history. The defeat of Germany and Japan along with the economic devastation that had occurred in Europe left many of the superpowers in the world during this time with minimal power. The two major powers that came out of World War II were the USSR (Soviet Union) and the United States of America. Since the major superpowers during WWII were crippled after the end of WWII, there were no real competitors or regional competitors for to the Soviet Union and America. As a result, the Soviet Union and United States of America emerged as the new superpowers of the world. Since there was literally no competitions to these nations, both United States and the Soviet Union started to spread their power worldwide. The United States’ political ideology was based on democracy whereas on the contrary the USSR’s political ideology revolved around communism. The major driving force of the Cold War is the difference in political ideologies between the nations. Both USSR and the USA did not support the spread of each of their ideologies. The conflict in ideologies made it prevalent that the superpowers- USSR and the United States did not trust each other.

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