The Cold War Era

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Cold War The cold war started in 1945 and ended in 1989. It was a war between the United States and the Soviet Union. This war took place right after WWII and it is called the cold war because there were no real battles such as with tanks and bombs. The history on the United States in war is that before the cold war the United States had fought in 24 battles and they won 17 of them. The strength and the courage that the United States has when they go to war are unbelievable. Their win to loss ratio on wars is so incredible and the weapons that they got to use weren’t as accurate as todays weapons are now. The United States and the Soviet Union both liked to make bombs. They both did everything they could to perfect them and to train guys how to use them so they could use them for military purposes. The cold war got started by the erection of the Berlin Wall which was used to stop people from escaping the country. When the wall got put up the Americans started flying spy planes and found out that Soviets had nuclear missiles capable of going off and heading straight for places in the United States. When the United States found out about the missiles they got a navy Rhea 2
Blockade around Cuba so that the Soviets couldn’t send war materials in and out. (Theodorous II) During the middle of the cold war there was not really any one winning. The Americans and the Soviet Union were just talking back and forth telling each other to put down their weapons and no

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