The Cold War

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Households from the domestic scene were severely impacted by military technology and industrialization during the period of the Cold War, resulting in the ‘Do-it-yourself Security’ scheme.

At the heights of the Cold War America was paranoid about the sustained fear of nuclear war beginning at anytime between the Soviet Union. These fears lead to “Nuclear Preparedness” becoming a way of life (CliffsNotes, n.d.). Suburban communities were forced to prepare by installing bomb shelters, air raid sirens, and teaching drills to the community, as a result. The paranoia of a Russian attack was inflamed by some political figures during the period, as it was suggested that there were many Soviet spies. It caused Americans to lack trust, even towards their household neighbors. The careless assertions meant that many Americans were forced to bear witness against Government, and even agencies such as the FBI. This was the start to unemployment levels rising, as people were accused of being Communists causing the dismissal from their community, even imprisonment. These events that occurred led to the start of a period where design and innovation hit a peak, not only in America, but also Russia.

During the early 1960’s the United States Government had set off a vast amount of civil defence ingenuities, however they mainly focused on the ‘Home Fallout Shelter’. The home fallout shelter was designed as an incentive to protect families and occupants from nuclear explosion, as well as
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