The Cold War

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Parents go through a range of emotions when they find out their child has a diagnosis. Parents take on the responsibility for their child 's condition especially mothers. Parents turned to the medical profession for guidance and often put their child in institutions during the era of the Cold War. Some children diagnoses are from no error of the parents but from a medical incident. Merrill is an example of brain damage from the impact of high fever. A running theme in this book isha families take the blame for their children 's issues. In the 60 's parents didn 't have many options, they either sent their child to an institution or kept them confined to the house. The stories printed in this book show how parents went above and beyond to make changes. Many parents pushed legislation and created their own school by unifying with other parents in similar situations. I was inspired by the parent stories. Things can go terribly wrong once a child is diagnosed but some families weathered the storm and managed to keep their families together. The parents speak about the financial hardships of providing the necessary support to their child and caring for a household. When a child is diagnosed it impacts the entire family and communities, in these cases they impacted legislation as well changing how who public school served. In the 50 's and 60 's schools were forced to look at the population that was underserved in America, people it 's disabilities. Schools who once
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