Essay about The Cold War

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From the years 1947 through 1965 the United States was feeling a big impact from the Cold War on their ways of life. The biggest impact of this was seen among the middle class who were quickly rising to be the social class majority. From 1946 until 1964 births were reaching record highs with 76 million babies. This was an increase from just 44 million from 1929 through 1945. With a post-war perspective, Americans ?were better off than ever before?. This could partly be due to the economic boom that had swept the country after World War II was over. This boom was led by the automobile, construction, and defense industries; this boom lasted for twenty-five years. All of these changes in American culture were due to breakout of the…show more content…
This was one of the countries that the United States had been trying to keep communism away from and the spirit of those who were fighting communism was damaged when this occurred. Finally in June of 1950 the North Korean Communists invaded South Korea. The United States sided with the anti-communist South Korea which eventually crumbed and was pushed south. The Korean War was now occurring in addition to the already active Cold War. All of these problems created a ?United State? of hysteria among Americans (Manzione). Truman?s popularity continued to plummet so it was no surprise when in 1952 a Republican named General Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected.

Eisenhower entered the White House well aware of how the Cold War had been described by the former president, Truman: Two men are in an enclosed room. One man is sane and is wielding a revolver. The other man is a psychopath with a knife. The only thing that could be done is for the sane man to keep showing the psychopath his revolver. This would cause both sides to not make a physical move, knowing that they would be destroyed. In this analogy the sane man is representing the United States with the psychopath representing the Soviet Union. The weapons could be compared to nuclear weapons. When the Cold War is seen in this aspect, it is easy to understand why this was a war that was not fought with knives and guns (Manzione). Eisenhower decided to move with caution and hesitation,
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