The Cold War

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The Truman administration allowed this mania to increase without actually resulting in nuclear warfare or mass destruction, but it was Eisenhower who successfully managed to begin alleviating the insanity. The concept of "containment", introduced by George Kennan, was the first tactic used by the United States to fight against communist aggression that was quickly spreading throughout Europe. The
Soviet Union blatantly violated the agreements it had made with the US and Great Britain during and after the war by taking control over
Poland and subsequently establishing pro-communist governments throughout Eastern Europe in an attempt to create somewhat of a communist empire. The Containment Doctrine, along with the Truman
Doctrine, were essentially firm statements by the administration that the US would resist all forms of communist expansion in order to preserve a free and open world. Anti-communist feelings continued to grow through the next few years within America with events such as the
Marshall Plan, National Security Act, and NSC-68. Americans were determined to root out all Soviet threats across the globe and even within their own borders. Congress, even with Truman's veto, passed the McCarran Internal Security Act that forced all domestic communist…

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