The Cold War Essay

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When one hears the common phrase, “The only good commie is a dead one,” the Cold War comes to mind. This war, cold because of no direct violence towards each country, was a major contribution to future wartime diplomacy. The clever Americans used many tactics to create a “cold” war that would benefit them in every aspect. The fear of communism consuming smaller countries exaggerated the possibility that America’s economy could be jeopardized. Politicians also helped guarantee anti-communist principles in the United States. Imitating the government, the media and other political figures helped create a frenzy of fear. The United States was more to blame for the Cold War than the Soviet Union. After World War II, the French, the …show more content…
“According to the domino theory, if the United States declined to fight … , other countries would lose their faith in America’s will (or their fear of American power) and would tumble one after the other like ‘dominoes’ into the Soviet camp” (The American Pageant, 881). This illustrates how the United States wanted to fight to protect their economy, and to globalize it. Communism, an disease in the Soviet Camp, posed an economic threat to the United States because it would take away the globalization of trade. The United States established themselves as the anticommunist patrol through the Truman Doctrine, who combated the spread of communism by influencing and improving the economy of countries who were swaying towards communism. This economic aid was a disguise for America imposing capitalistic values. The United States chose to fight what they saw as a harmful threat, provoking the start of the Cold War.
Politicians had an important role in creating half-truths that painted the communists a deeper, and darker red color. This ideology was greatly influenced by the principles outlined by George F. Kennan, a diplomat and Soviet specialist. After much research, Kennan showed that the Soviet Union was prone to expansion. Kennan believed that the United States could prevent the Soviet Union from expanding if they “contained” them and used force as a last resort (The American Pageant, 869). “The American overreaction to its

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