The Cold War: From Beginning to End

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The Western half to be under control by the United States of America, Great Britain and France while the East half, including half of Berlin, belonging to the Soviet Union. This separation between two super powers is now known as the precursor to the cold war, a war with no tanks, planes, or solders. This would be an atomic waiting game, a deadly gamble, and the two sides calling each other’s bluff with entire nations at stakes. Stakes so high it influenced the creation of the Doomsday Clock, which projects world tensions by having the minute hand slowly reaching to the faithful 12 signaling the end of time. The Soviet Union represented the center of all evil and was took the lives of millions throughout its history through its leaders harsh and irrational rule. So to America the expansion of the evil red plague lofting through the air of Eastern Europe and Asia was unacceptable and was seen to some as the next attempt of taking over the world. So it’s clear that the cause for these tensions between the United States and Soviet Unions was the Soviet’s expansion throughout Eastern Europe and Asia, because of America’s ideology surrounding the “Domino Effect”, the idea that once country becomes communist then the surrounding countries will also become communist. For These…

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