The Cold War Of 1945-1991

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So be it

Will the United States or the Soviet Union continue propaganda or resort to an attack? Many democracies across the world like North America, Western Europe, Japan grew in prosperity after World War II ended. The United States became the world’s wealthiest and most powerful country. These democracies rivaled the United States economically. The United States and the Soviet Union had many differences that didn’t cause a full fled war, but a quiet, propaganda and secretive filled war that pushed both to the edge. This was known as the Cold War of 1945-1991. The main causes of the war were sphere of influence, Ideology, and military factors. The contradiction of who threw the first punch still occurs today; in this case, the Soviets were most responsible for the Cold War because of the, “Iron Curtain” speech, fears of the West, and the spread of communism. In conclusion, despite the evidence that supports the United States, the Soviet Union was most responsible for the Cold War. In the “Iron Curtain” Speech given by Winston Churchill gave in Fulton that describes his perspective of how the Soviets were no longer trusted. Churchill said that Stalin hadn’t fulfilled his promise to have free elections in Poland. Stalin also made the situation worse when there were fixed elections to elect communist governments that affected many people because of his dishonesty and selfishness when he could’ve listened to the people and keep his promises intact. In addition, Churchill…
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