The Cold War On South Korea

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The Cold War was a series of wars that commenced in order to prevent communism from spreading. The Korean War was one of the first actions the military took in this war. The conflicts began when the Japanese had lost possession of Korea in World War II. It was separated into two divisions known as North and South Korea. North Korea and the Soviet forces had built up a communist government led by Kim II Sung, a dictator. Opposingly, South Korea and the United States created a republican government which president Syngman Rhee led. Eventually, this created tension between North and South Korea due to the different views on ruling. This would begin a series of battles and casualties within the Korean War . North Korean armies to lead an unannounced attack on South Korea and a small U.S. force on June 25, 1950, with over 135,00 soldiers. The battle took place over the 38th Parallel. The South Korean Army, known as the ROK, were ill-prepared against the North Korea’s machinery and weapons. With little support the ROK was at a major disadvantage in this attack. Many parts of South Korea were taken over with the goal of uniting Korea under one government. As a result, on June 27, President Truman of the U.S., along with the UN, sent troops over seas to aid South Korea. From this invasion in 1950 to July 27, 1953, there would be a long series of battles between South Korea (Republic of Korea) and North Korea(Democratic People’s of Republic Korea). North Korean

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