The Cold War On The World

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Gerry Ruiz Mr. Trahey Modern Civilizations 10B Period 5 May 17 2016 The Cold War’s Effects on the World The Cold War brought lots of mistrust, fear, and the very real threat of mutually assured destruction(M.A.D), but it also lead to the human race developing the ability to travel to space. The USSR was the first to sent a man in space,then the U.S. had to out do the USSR to prove we are a greater superpower so we put a man on the moon. This was one of the of the many beneficial outcomes of Cold War. Although there were many good and bad outcomes that were caused by the Cold War due to such factors as tensions, competition between communism & democracy changing the world politically, economically, and socially as well as fear. One of the many effects that brought changes to politics around the world. Khrushchev along with The Soviet Union(USSR) exposed communism to the world, “To attempt to enforce its will on non-communist countries (Berlin and Laos are current examples)” (Doc. 6,II). The USSR pushed its rule around the world in an attempt to spread communism especially between Europe and Southeast Asia. The USSR also supported countries attempting to become communist with with agricultural supplies and military supplies in an attempt to influence other countries, and conflicts between communist influence and democracy broke out through proxy wars, but the USSR enforced communism on East Europe and on Afghanistan was spreading like wildfire . The Soviet Union ruled

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