The Cold War: The Ancient Korean Peninsula

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The ancient Korean empire controlled the entire peninsula for thousands of years, until 1910, when the more dominant and capable Japanese army invaded and attained authority over the isle through a signed treaty. The leadership of Korea remained in the hands of Japan until they were defeated by the US in World War Two. As Korea emerged from four decades of brutal Japanese rule, the peninsula was then split halfway between the Soviet Union (who dominated the north) and the US (who had controlled the south) in 1948. This divide between territories was mainly a product of the Cold War and both nations sought to gain territory in order to prevail. The Soviets appointed a man by the name of Kim Il Sung as the leader of the North, who demonstrated…show more content…
This re-energized South Korean side then counterattacked in October 1950, and this resulted in the North Koreans retreating as far back as the Yalu River; this meant that the South had occupied over four-fifths of the entire area of the peninsula. China discovered that North Korea was in a predicament and could have been overrun by the south. It was evident that they were in desperate need of assistance and this would help China achieve revenge against their former enemy, Japan, and gain assistance from the North in the then occurring Chinese Civil War. This was when China's dictator, Chairman Mao, took advantage of the situation, and aided the struggling northern army with more than one million soldiers. With now about 2.5 million soldiers fighting on each side, the battlefield became congested, and the warfare evolved into trench battles. A ceasefire was reached in 1953, but since there was no officially signed peace treaty, the north and south technically remain at war even to this day. This was the Korean War, which split the north and south, and resulted in the deaths and injuries of over 2.2 million people between 1950 and
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