The Cold War Was A Conflict

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The Cold War was a conflict in which the main parties were the United States of America (USA) and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). This conflict lasted approximately forty-five years, and though there was no direct war in between the two nations, there were many repercussions of the hostilities. Some effects were negative, like the prevention of peace treaties being made between the East and the West, and the weakening of economies, but some were positive. The Space Race was directly related to the Cold War tensions, and without the competition between the USA and the USSR over space exploration, many monumental breakthroughs in technology would not have occurred.

Introduction: The Cold War was caused by a number of events and prejudices on the part of both nations. Many events before World War II negatively impacted relations between the countries, and during the war there were instances that developed tensions, like the delaying of D-Day, which the USSR believed was a conspiracy plot to weaken their forces. After the war, the attempts of the USSR to expand their territory, and both governments’ solid opposition to the other’s ideals caused a rift that only grew over time. Studying the events which developed the Cold War, and the effects that came with the Cold War will better the understanding of how these conflicts came to be, and possibly prevent history from repeating itself. Realizing that the feud was not one-sided can aid in developing empathy for…
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