The Cold War Was A War Between The Western And Eastern Sides Of The World Essay

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The Cold War was a war between the western and eastern sides of the world. The war was a big intense political discussion between conservative and social democratic parties across Europe. The war majorly was between the United States and the Russian Soviet Union. The war started around 1945 and went on for close to 45 years. The cold war affected more than just the Soviet Union and the United States it affected the whole world. The leaders of the United States were, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Dwight David Eisenhower, and Ronald Wilson Reagan. The primary leader of the Soviet Union was Joseph Stalin. In the paper I will talk about the person Joseph Stalin was and, what he did during the war, how he affected the war, his later years in the war. Joseph Stalin was born in Djugashvili in the middle of December in 1878. Not much is known about his younger years as a child. He was an only child and it is said that he grew up in a very poor house hold. Stalin’s remorseless attitude can be credited to his father actions since he was beaten as a child. Due to this Stalin dedicated his life to his studies which in turn lead to him getting a scholarship. He then used this scholarship at a catholic school in hopes of becoming a priest. While studying to become, a priest he also began indulging in the readings of Karl Marx. This influenced him to practice Marxism and got him kicked out of school for it.
In Stalin’s earlier years he started out as a political agitator, he

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