The Cold War Was Predominately Between Two Major Powers

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The Cold War was predominately between two major powers in the world. These two super powers were the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the United States beginning in 1947. The Cold War happened relatively soon after the Second World War. Why did the Cold War begin? In 1947, the Cold War began and it was due to various reasons. Some historians believed that the bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki caused the Cold War. In addition, the United States president during 1945 (Harry S. Truman) had a strong dislike for communism and the leader of the USSR (Stalin) at the time. Another main reason, the Cold War began was because of USSR’s expansion in Eastern Europe. Overall, the Cold War began due to the spread of…show more content…
Not only did Truman’s dislike for Stalin cause the Cold War but also Soviet Union expansion was a leading cause of the start of the Cold War. In the Second World War, Germans invaded the Soviets. During the Second World War, approximately 25.3 million people living in the USSR died from the German army. 3 All of these deaths, during the Second World War, concerned the USSR. The USSR wanted to expand westward because they wanted to create a buffer zone between Soviet Union as a way to protect themselves from future invasions. When the Second World War ended, the USSR still had troops in Eastern Europe this allowed the USSR to help the communist parties rise to power thus assimilating them into the Soviet Union Army.4 This buffer zone was later be known as the Iron Curtain (Soviet Army). Due to the Russians imperializing more countries and turning them into communist countries, it caused hostility and concern among the Western European powers. However, countries in Western Europe did not take any action to stop the Soviets because they were afraid of war until the US intervened in 1946.4 Roosevelt told his advisors, “The Russians only understand one language - how many armies have you got? I 'm tired of babying the Soviets”. 9 He wanted to halt communism from growing by stopping Soviets from taking over more countries. A major country, Truman was worried about the Soviet Union taking over was Iran. During the Second World War, the Iranian government enlisted
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