The Cold War and Decolonization

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After the tragic events of World War II, the Cold War represented how the two superpowers were in a fight in order to gain more territory. The Soviet Union wanted European countries to abide by communism while the United States were trying to prevent the spread of communism and enforce democracy. However, the Soviets took control of the eastern half of Europe and the United States controlled the western side. Communism is a one-party dictatorship where the government controls economic and political decisions which is based on a five year plan. On the other hand, democracy is where the People elect the president and are protected under the rule of law. From 1947 to 1991, the cold war took in effect and led to decolonization, political and…show more content…
However, Ho Chi Minh was a communist leader and the allies had doubts that he would establish a democratic state in Vietnam. When the containment policy was put in place, the United States aided France to stop the spread of communism. Though, Mao gave military support to Minh in order to magnify communism. Vietnam defeated France in which they were forced to negotiate to form an independence agreement. Since the Baltour Declaration was enacted in 1917, Jewish were able to immigrate to Palestine to signify their homeland. However, the Arabs were furious that Great Britain allowed for this to happen. In 1945, six Arab countries formed the regional intergovernmental organization to establish an Arab homeland to support one another politically and economically and to remove the Jews from Palestine. President Truman also supported the Jewish homeland in Palestine and in return, the Arab league got angry at the United States. Great Britain acknowledging that these two religions will never get along, created camps in Cyprus to holocaust survivors. Nevertheless, this problem only increased and Britain decided to ask the United Nations to assist. In 1947, The United Nations General Assembly created a separate Jewish state and a separate Arab state which were called Jerusalem and Bethlehem. The partition plan, created by the UN, gave the Arab state forty-three percent of its original territory and the Jewish will receive about
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