Essay about The Cold War and Reagan

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The Cold War and Reagan


What was the cold war?

What were the causes?

The Cold War at Home.

-The U.S. involvement.

What major roles did President Reagan serve in the cold war?

A cold war is defined as "a conflict between nations for national advantage conducted by political, economic, and psychological means instead of direct military action." The Cold War defined by the same source was determined to be "the contest for power between the communist nations headed by the Soviet Union and the nations of the West headed by the United States that began after World War II"(Barnhart & Thorndike, 198).

Causes of the Cold War included the struggle between conflicting values, those of Democracy in the West and
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Europe had been annihilated and it was up to those outside of Europe to re-establish life for those who lost everything. Western Europe went mainly to the United States for control; Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union.

The United States put the Marshall Plan into action, it was "a plan adopted by the United States for giving financial aid to European nations…"(Barnhart & Thorndike, 631). By 1960 Europe had fully recovered and life was better than before the war, the people of Western Europe received a lot out of the Marshall Plan. Eastern Europe had been allotted to USSR to take care of, Eastern Europe suffered due to the economic strategy of Josef Stalin. While all the progress was taking place in the west Stalin transported factories to the Soviet Union from the eastern countries to make Russia wealthy while the small eastern countries suffered great losses. Stalin then used the countries as buffer states to protect his country against war, war most probably caused by the United States.

In 1949 NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, formed an alliance with the countries in Western Europe and the United States in hopes to separate themselves from the countries of the east. The Eastern countries formed the Warsaw Pact; this was an inferior treaty considering the countries did not have the right to choose whether or not they
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