The Cold War was a Big Chicken Match

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The cold war was a long war lasting 45 years but was never actually any fighting. The war was between two national super powers the United States and the Soviet Union. The war was one big chicken match seeing who could build the biggest bomb the fastest. The big argument was between communism and democracy. The USA supported Democracy and its freedoms. Democracy is basically freedom, you may do as you please and make your own decisions. You can be a bartender or a CEO your fate lies in your hands and not the governments. Also the biggest perk to democracy is the right to vote. You can vote on you countries leader vs. a king or a prime minister. The people of democracy have a say in the government. The USSR supports Communism. Communism is led by a prime minister and gives the people no choices. You may not choose who leads your country. The government decides your future you have no say in your job or your pay. Everything is decided for you like you’re a toddler. Most of the world today in democratic (including the USSR) and communism is dying out. Both of these supper powers used the Domino Effect to spread their choice of government. The domino effect is the belief that if one country switches to democracy or communism all surrounding countries will follow. Wisconsin Senator McCarthy thought there were many communists in the USA government. McCarthyism is how the senator wrote down 205 names of possible communists in the government and drove all around the country

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