The Collaborative Approach Of Partnership

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Partnership is “a collaborative relationship between entities to work toward shared objectives through a mutually agreed division of labor” (Partnerships: Frameworks for working together, 2010). The collaborative approach of partnership work provides a huge range of services to children, young people and areas, this approach enables professionals to reflect back on their personal performance and one another’s so they know how to communicate in a suitable manner and deliver the best service possible to the public. Huxham attaches the phrase 'collaborative advantage ' (1996, p 14) to a circumstance in when a result is only attainable within collaboration and where contributors, service users, or organisations benefit as well in some form of way from the collaboration. “A successful collaborative working situation would be one in which similarities between collaborators are recognised and differences are recognised” (Davies and Ward, 2012). A partnership is when there is a contract amongst two or more people to invest and run a business. Each individual partner has the equivalent responsibility and power to make decisions and manage the business. It is necessary each associate takes part in daily tasks of the business and share responsibilities between each other in order to develop a successful partnership. “The joint ownership concept that describes a business partnership gives it certain distinct advantages and disadvantages”. (Partnership advantages and disadvantages, no
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