The Collaborative Work That Has Been Done For Complete The Business Scenario And Presentation

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In this report I will be explaining about the collaborative work that has been done to complete the business scenario and presentation. We have been given a group task to create a scenario of an organization from given sectors. After the group discussion we have decided to choose transportation sector. We have created a business and a presentation showing how this business will work.
Our group has given the name of “TCE” to this organization which is also known as the courier express, this is a medium size scale delivery service that will be provided only around the M25 with a radius of 2 mile on both sides. The TCE will have 40 vans, 2 depots, 2 offices and 40 experienced drivers. The two depots will be located on north/south of the M25 so both of them will cover half motorway on their sides. The two offices will be also located on north/south side near by the depots as they will only provide the north leads to north depot and south leads to south depot, the reason of having two offices is to decrease the confusion between two depots that could occur if the leads are not organised separately.
The best way to fulfil the purpose of this organization is to meet the aims and objectives of the organization that is to increase the profit and expand in the future. With more profit future expansion will be expected. Moreover the main purpose of TCE is delivery service. Collaborative work in drivers can bring success in this business. If drivers provide good service with team work
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