The Collapse Of Andrew Carnegie

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Insert Title later Believe it or not, skyscrapers have only been around since the the late 1880’s. The main reason for this was because the materials used to build buildings at the time could not support the weight of a skyscraper. If people wanted to build taller buildings, they had to use stronger materials that could withstand the weight of the building and keep it from collapsing. At the time, that material was steel, but there was a problem; steel was not mass produced at the time. This made it financially unethical to build with, the price of steel only began to drop after Andrew Carnegie created his steel business. Andrew Carnegie helped strengthen the American economy turning it into a world power by learning from his poverty when he was younger, starting his steel business which provided the world an important resource for the development of industry, taking advantage of workers to maximize profit, and devoting his later life to philanthropy. Carnegie was very poor during his childhood, and this will cause him to try a variety of jobs that inevitably led to his steel empire. “Andrew Carnegie was born November 25, 1835 in Dunfermline, Scotland. His father, William Carnegie, a prosperous handloom weaver at the time of Andrew’s birth, was unable to compete with the new technology of steam loomers and fell into poverty as Andrew grew older,” (UXL biographies). In 1848, Andrew and his family immigrated to Allegheny City, Pennsylvania, and Andrew got a job at a…

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