The Collapse Of Compassion Theory

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The world of today has been a witness to countless menacing wars, violence, and tragedies, but the amount of sympathy and compassion the people feel towards it has significantly decreased. In fact, it is believed by many that capacity of compassion is limited and so the lack of consideration for other’s suffering is part of human nature. Psychologists such as C. Daryl Cameron and Keith Payne have developed the collapse of compassion theory, described in the article, “How to Increase Your Compassion Bandwidth,” that suggests that people are growing to become indifferent and less empathetic towards major moments in history of inhumane behavior. The apathetic attitude individuals have towards tragedies is not a phenomenon only seen in the recent years, but in fact can be traced to about seventy years ago, in the midst of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was carried out by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi reign, between 1933 and 1945, which brought upon the world a massive genocide that almost killed the entire Jewish population of Europe. For nearly twelve years, Jewish people were isolated from society with discriminative laws, thrown into crowded and unsanitary ghettos, and then shipped into concentration camps where they met their deaths. The Jews were endlessly slaughtered in a cruel manner, but yet hardly any people cried out for its injustice. The behavior of the Nazis was condoned by most of the German people who supported its reign and even the prisoners of the death camps began
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