The Collapse Of The Housing Bubble Collapse

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Introduction The following essay will thoroughly examine the severe economic downturn of 2008, formerly known as the housing bubble collapse. We will mainly focus our discussion on the effects the financial crisis had on Canada and the U.S and examine why both countries were affected differently. Although the collapse of the housing bubble is the most identifiable cause, it is extremely difficult to pinpoint one specific defining moment or event triggering the global financial collapse. There are many factors involved, due to the complex nature of the financial systems across the world, and this paper will delve in the key contributing variables that led to this financial crises. To begin, a brief history recap of the financial crises in 2008 will be given. Following that will be a breakdown of how the financial systems were set up in Canada and the U.S. We will then, in detail, discuss the Canadian and the U.S financial markets, in particular, the housing market and how each country was affected by the 2008 financial crisis. Lastly, we will proceed to evaluate the overwhelming differences between Canada and the U.S; from their core financial system to mortgages that allowed the Canadian market to remain excluded from the dire consequences of the US market recession, which followed shortly after the financial crisis. A Brief History of the 2008 Financial Collapse The 2008 financial collapse were both the result of a series of deregulatory measures and a lack of
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