The Collapse Of The Mill Factory Collapsed Essay

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24 April 2013, over 1,100 factory workers died when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed. The day before the collapse workers noticed cracks had appeared on the third floor and the factory was closed for the afternoon. The night before the building collapsed the owner of the factory Rana went on the news declaring the building was safe despite reports from engineers, which warned against entering the building. The following morning the banks and other retail stores located on the bottom floor of the building were closed and only the garment factory levels were open. Garment workers who remained outside the factory who were scared to enter the building were told if they didn’t enter the building they would be fired and that they wouldn’t be able to get work anywhere else (McClearn, 2013). Police officials arrived at the factory and told those who were not compliant to enter the building. The building, which was only designed to be 5 floors high and originally intended as a retail center had three floors added illegally and was not structurally able to hold the weight of the heavy machines and thousands of workers. At 8:45 there was a power cut and the generators were turned on. The immense vibrating from the generator shook the already weakened structure causing the building to collapse. The overall disaster caused the death of over 1100 factory workers and severely injuring over 2000 more. The incident was the most deadly garment factory accident in the world this caused

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