The Collapse Of The Russian Monarchy

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Tsar Nicholas II is thought to be personally responsible for the collapse of the Russian Monarchy. His nature wasn’t well suited for the role he held therefore he was an incompetent leader. Russia was undergoing many changes and was in early stages of industrialization. This was followed by an embarrassing string of defeats of which the Tsar was badly prepared. His unsuccessful involvement in the First World War added to the disappointment in the government’s incompetence and corruption. There were many opportunities for Russia to modernize but this would require political change, which the Tsar was unwilling to do. Nicholas had many opportunities throughout his reign to reform, but destroyed his last chance of survival. Nicholas II was born on May 18, 1868 in Pushkin, Russia. Nicholas inherited the throne when his father Alexander III died in 1894. Nicholas ascended the throne at the age of 26. He ruled an empire covering about one sixth of the Earth’s land area. Nicholas as tsar was ‘autocrat of all Russia’s’, and saw himself as chosen by God to fill the role. His empire was at peace and in the early stages of industrialization, ranked among the worlds great powers. Nicholas believed it was his duty to continue the autocracy that he inherited and stated, ‘I shall uphold the principle of autocracy as firmly and as undeviatingly as did my late father’. Nicholas was a conservative leader with few of the skills needed to effectively rule 132 million people. Nicholas was
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