The Collapse Of The Song Dynasty

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This paper will examine the collapse of the Song Dynasty particularly the fall of the Southern half of the dynasty and the role that the Mongolian empire played in its collapse and also the collapse of the northern halves role on it. It will describe the role that the Mongolian empire played in conquering the northern Song Dynasty. This paper argues that the reason why the Southern half of the Song Dynasty fell was because the northern half was unable to defend itself from invaders and fell to the Mongolian empire thus leaving the southern dynasty open to be conquered. Due to the fact that Southern china was never forced to deal with outside invaders until the collapse of the northern Song Dynasty the southern Song Dynasty had no reason to build its defenses and were therefor unprepared for an invasion by the Mongol hoard. Finally this paper will look at the end of the war between the Mongolians and the Southern Song dynasty and how their leadership affected the war, especially the lack of experienced rulers in the late Song Dynasty.
Genghis Khan was a true leader in the fact that he was able to unify all of the Mongolian tribes into one fighting army. This was the beginning of the Mongolians reign in Mongolia and it is also when they began their conquests of different parts of the world, most importantly China. After the death of Genghis Khan the Mongolians began to spread out and send out troops in every direction achieving what would eventually be the largest empire that
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