The Collapse Of The United States

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Earlier this year, when the United States (US) lifted its embargo on Iran, the issue of the troubled relationship of the US with its former ally in the Middle East resurfaced. One period particularly seemed to reflect their dispute, the 1979 Islamic revolution which propelled Ayatollah Khomeini at the head of the newly renamed Islamic Republic of Iran.
When Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini came into power in Iran in early 1979, the country was on the brink of collapse, due to several years of unrest and protests against the former regime. The demise of the Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, after 38 years of reign triggered a complete reshuffle of international relation, especially in times of Cold War, with the US and the Soviet Union constantly battling to defeat each other (Bill, 1988). In this context, the relations between the US and Iran, hitherto flourishing, collapsed. Jimmy Carter, then-president of the US, tried to deal with this crisis but ultimately failed, bringing the American government almost to a standstill (Ambrose, 1997). The US’ behaviour and actions in Iran following the revolution leads us to consider its role in the failure of their relation.
We could therefore ask ourselves whether or not the downfall of US-Iran relations was precipitated by the US, under the Carter Presidency.
In order to do so, this essay will review the literature on this problematic by drawing on a selection of available documents. We shall first concentrate on the different errors and
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