The Collapse Of Tiger Woods

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From the top of the golf charts to the nadir of social perspective, Tiger Woods has captivated America on multiple occasions without doubt. For every golf tournament win he has, there seems to be an equal amount of mistresses he had. It seems that as he rose to the pinnacle of stardom, the easier it became for Woods to fall into the traps of sex and drugs that have ensnared so many. From the moral degradation of Woods came the collapse of multiple journalistic standards. Shoddy reporting became common when dealing with the multitude of women alleging involvement with the sports star, and sports writers became tabloid journalists seemingly overnight. Two articles that comprise Donna Barbie’s The Tiger Woods Phenomenon illustrate these aspects of the collapse of Tiger Woods: “Painful Pleasures” by Jonathan French and “Responsible Adults in the Toy Department” by Steve Master. Both articles depict how Tiger Woods strayed from getting pleasure from golf to the easier high of drugs and sex, and how concurrently the journalistic world switched from well researched stories to easier sensationalized tabloids of the once proud golf star. Initially, Tiger Woods seemed to have it all: multiple golf tournament wins, endorsements from big names like Nike and Gillette, the wife Elin Nordegren, and two young kids. Life was going so well that the car accident Woods had on the day after Thanksgiving 2009 and subsequent infidelity scandal came as a shock; a shock not just to the golf world,
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