The Collapse of Communism in the USSR, Central, and Eastern Europe

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“ Communism is a social system in which all the resources, economic activities are owned by state or country. ”

It is a system in which wealth is dispersed equally among the people and there is no private ownership of the resources and wealth. The state owns and controls resources and property. Soviet model of communism was based on these ideals, all the opposition parties were banned only who shared the communist ideals were allowed. Complete power was into the hands of the Communist party. In 1917, the Soviet Union witnessed the Bolshevik Revolution which overthrew the czarism and a communist state was born. The Central and Eastern Europe nations followed USSR and adopted communism, with their leaders directly under the command and control of the Soviet Union. Communism was doomed from the start due to the moral weakness of human mankind and the corruption of its leaders. The first reason which played role in the failure and collapse of communism was the fact that the Communist party's domination was illegitimate from the beginning. Eastern European countries did the revolution have the support of more than a minority of people, yet this minority retained absolute control. The communist…
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