The Collapsed Of The Weimar Republic

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BISMARK KARIKARI PROF PETURSSON GERMAN HISTORY 10/26/2015 The Collapsed of the Weimar Republic Weimar Republic came from the German Revolution in 1918 to replace the German empire. The Weimar Republic existed between 1919 - 1933 and was faced with numerous crisis that led to its collapsed. Several factors accounted for the collapse of the Weimar Republic when Hitler captured power on January 30, 1933. The Weimar Constitution drafted in 1919 was accounts for the fall of the Republic. The structural weakness of the political system of the Weimar Republic played a major role in undermining the progress of Weimar due to how power was a located. The constitution gave the presidency an emergency power that permitted him to override the Reichstag. This emergency power of the president was often called into action which promoted political divisions. Peukert argued that “The actual drafting of the constitution itself also proceeded in relatively unspectacular fashion because the politicians in the National Assembly, were there were no clear-cut majorities and the balance of forces was always shifting, were constantly driven to agree to compromises” (Peukert 36). Because the National Assembly in 1919 wrote the constitution, it is seen as one of the most liberal legal deed written in the 20th century. One of the main weakness of the constitution was how complicated the system of proportional representation was. If the people
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