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Yeats, B. William. The Collected Poems of WB Yeats. New York: Macmillan, 1996. 318 The importance of this book is that it contains some of the works of poetry which were carried out by William Yeats. Arguably, the most salient feature in the book is the attempt at portraying the shift that characterized Yeats in his work, so that his works are arranged almost chronologically to underscore this standpoint. Works that depict him as a bard of the Celtic Twilight, reviving Rosicrucian symbols and legends are the most frontal. These are followed up by works which show the shift away from plush romanticism. The same are exhibited by the heavy presence of incantatory rhythms such as “I will arise and go… and go to Innisfree”. The same is seen…show more content…
New York: WW Norton and Company, 1975. This poem was published in 1927 and comes out as a form of meditation. The poem is rich in its scope as it covers sundry topics ranging from children, to human behavior, life in the 20th century, the philosophy on life and life after death, among others. This poem is an eight-lined stanza which is heavily laden with rhymes and the use of prosaic language. The poem has been written within the context of a visitor who has walked into a classroom under the guidance of a kind elderly nun. The importance of this poem to this reading is that in it, the poet addresses the dynamism that has shaped and continues to shape the civil society, progress and modernity, as opposed to the status quo ante which predated the Civil War or the Anglo Irish War. The importance of this poem to this reading is also seen in the fact that it betrays the political ideals that Yeats had: the poem implicates the speaker as being a senator. It is in after 1924 that Yeats served as a senator. This makes the poem sound like a poem which was penned down after the civil war, given that it is written from the standpoint of a more peaceful and politically stable Ireland. Thus, the poem is also instrumental as it lets the reader in into Yeats’ political orientation and leanings. Thus, the many qualities Yeats had and the many fields he operated in, in terms of career are well confirmed by this poem. The

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