The Collection Of Images By Jane Austen

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Explanation of Image:

The collection of images is a visual representation of the novel Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. The themes of love, class, and reputation are hidden within the images. For example, the reader can visualize love within the group of people dancing at a nineteenth century dance. This represents the love between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. The background of both images is an interpretation of the large and glamorous ballrooms in which such dances were held. Diamond chandeliers and expensive décor can be seen by the reader and be interpreted as representing the theme of class. Both images can be viewed as also representing reputation. Only the high rank citizens were invited to these wondrous events. This can represent the high social rank of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, as they met and a dance like the one above. Everything in these images is very grand and is a great visual for one reading Pride and Prejudice. First, the theme of finding love is eminent in the first image. The Bennets were always seeking a possible suitor for their daughters. It was encouraged in the nineteenth century for women to marry rich and prominent men at a young age. The men hoped to create an heir to carry on the family name. The women had little to no say in their marriages and most times did not care for them. Some of the women in the first image do not look delighted about being at the dance. The men look very stern and proper which is the way they are taught to behave.
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