The Collection Of Necessary Data Essay

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Collection of Necessary Data To create an effective proposal, it is vital to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Both forms of data contain pertinent information necessary in the development of a personalized and effective cultural intervention proposal. Obtaining quantitative data ensures that all information collected, is a complete representation of a complex system. While the collection of qualitative data will afford insight into the valuable quality and satisfaction ratings, with the ability to numerically track these ratings. It is imperative to address all aspects of culture, socialization, working conditions, management, workload, loyalty, value, teamwork, and production; when compiling an Interventional proposal. Collecting both quantitative and qualitative data via self-assessing surveys, with both opened and closed ended questions, in addition to individual interviews. The interviews will allow for professional observation of individuals, while the self-assessing survey will provide valuable information on the continual improvement of the staff. Cultural Education When addressing the complexities of a diverse corporation need to re-educate their team, in order to remain culturally and fiscally viable, dynamic psychological theories will prove invaluable in compiling an effective plan. Cultural competence is defined as a functional culture that is based on respect, effective communication, and successful teamwork. In a global market it is

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