The Collector Research Paper

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When a person thinks of the word ‘imbalance’, the first thing that often comes to mind is an inequality. Whether it be between two people or a simple object that will not sit right, imbalance and inequality do not sit right in the person’s mind. While some of these problems are easily fixed or evened out, bigger problems are not so easily solved. Gender roles and stereotypes have existed in society since the beginning of time. In any piece of literature that includes both male and female characters, gender roles are evident. The Collector, a novel by John Fowles, provides countless examples showing how males are dominant over females, and it follows many traditional gender stereotypes. The protagonist, Miranda, is kidnapped by the antagonist,…show more content…
As a young boy, Clegg, the antagonist, grew up alone with no parents and no role model to look up to. This is why he feels so lonely and has the need to kidnap Miranda Gray, the protagonist. He needed a female figure to give his life meaning. Fowles stated, “It's just you’re all I got that makes life worth living” (Fowles 51). Clegg felt such strong loneliness that he had the need to kidnap Miranda and have her for the rest of his life, with no thoughts of letting her go. This incorporates feminist literary theory, because during her captivity, Miranda had no means of escape. Even after several attempts at escape, Clegg still proved to be superior and would not let her go. In many pieces of literature, the kidnapper usually ends up using their prisoners for personal needs, disregarding the needs of the hostage. Clegg, on the other hand, did not want Miranda for sexual relations. He had a very high standard of respect for Miranda and felt as though she was not like any other women. Clegg notes, “She was not like some other woman you don’t respect so you don't care what you do, you respected her and you had to be very careful” (Fowles 39). This justifies the fact that Clegg did not want anything from Miranda, just her company and for her to stay in his life. After stalking Miranda for two years, he figured out her ways and personality- she has an interest in
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