The College Based Hotline Should Be Legal

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The college-based hotline will be another way for students to talk to someone anonymously for those who are too scared to talk to a professional, friend, or family. This way, they can talk about their problems instead of keeping it bundled in and continue to feel the negative feelings and thoughts. This will be aimed for students that are quieter than others or who are scared to talk in public or private settings and just want to remain anonymous. There will be a graduate student in charge of the hotline and various undergraduate volunteers to answer phone calls throughout the day. There will be set hours for the college-based hotline since it will be run by college students. Because of this fact, we will also promote the National Suicide…show more content…
Certain communication strategies that have proven to be useful deal with faculty members talking to students one-on-one and finding the best approach to deal with the stress (Waldeck, Jennifer H et al., 1997). Surveys will be handed out in the beginning of the campaign and will ask questions like: How often do you experience negative feelings? What causes you to experience these feelings? How old are you and your standing in college? How many credits are you taking this semester? How stressed do you feel? How much do you know about depression? Do you know where you can go on campus to talk about depression and get help? Are you comfortable talking about your feelings? And other similar questions to understand the mindset of students. In the follow-up surveys, questions like: Have you seen posters or flyers around campus helping you deal with the way you’re feeling? Have you heard about the support groups? Anonymous hotline? How helpful have they been? And other similar questions gaining feedback and response from students. These surveys are going to be emailed school wide and will be available in the health care center and at student union for those interested in filling it out. The surveys will be collected and analyzed by graduate students who can understand the meaning behind certain responses
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