The Great College Debate Essay

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The Great College Debate
The college debate is a hot topic and whether or not to attend college is a question that is increasingly harder to answer. At some point in every young adult’s life, and sometimes not so young, they must make the decision about whether or not to pursue a college education. For some, going to college is something they always knew they would do; while others agonize over the importance of a college education and the burden of taking on a large amount of debt to pay for it. For those who are fortunate enough to have parents who have the means to pay for college, it might seem like a no brainer, while for others it may very well be one of the most daunting decisions of their life thus far. Although I do believe that a college education would be valuable for everyone on a personal growth level and for many, on a financial level; in this day and age encouraging everyone to go to college may simply not be the best approach. In many ways our culture places too much emphasis on college as the only path to success while failing to recognize the value in alternatives to higher education. As a culture we need to acknowledge that there are many paths to learning, and our job markets must learn to acknowledge this too. There’s no arguing that going to college and earning a degree comes with many rewards, both personal and financial. For students just graduating high school, college offers a huge opportunity for personal development and growth which comes from
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