The College Mount St. Joseph

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Jacob Hornberger
Ms. Pugh
Eng 12, Block 6th
13 Feb 2017
Hornberger Master Document

The college Mount St. Joseph, which offers Sports Medicine, and Athletic Training undergraduate degree, and as a major, presides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Information from SparkBox states that MSJ was established by the Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati in the year 1920, as the first Catholic University for women living in southwestern Ohio. The first year of its opening, the only attending students were 20 female students. As years passed, the exponential growth in enrolling students was staggering. This encouraged the Sisters of Charity to create plans in order to further advanced the property meeting at the crossroads of Delhi and Neeb, opening a new
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Mount St. Joseph prepares every student who is enrolled in the Athletic Training and the Health & Wellness undergraduate degrees, to be knowledgeable and able to take the appropriate actions and treats for many types of health conditions. The curriculum is not just physical injury based, but also adapted for internal or born illnesses such as asthma, individuals prone to heart faults, and diabetics.
Observable through students attending Mount St. Joseph, depict a lot of substantial feedback for these programs and has helped mold the level of elite education in this field of industry. Through the observations, Mount St. Joseph has one of the most modern and developed strategy of teaching this topic that is modified for each student based on the best ways for them to learn. Across the span of time, it is accumulated that students have evolved into more of a hands on kind of learning. In retrospect, Mount St. Joseph has associated its class work, and assignments with visual and hands on activities. After comparing notes of learning method scores with variations of master’s subject understanding and undergraduate subject material, observations and examinations have revealed that hands-on experience, and lessons is an essential factor for academic success for students attending Mount St. Joseph. Surveyed first year students at Mount St. Joseph’s, provided the overall demonstrated a dense preference for organized and structured learning schedule and the high
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