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The College of New Jersey

English Language Instruction:
The Nepali Educational System

Kelsey Wolff
Linguistics 371: World Englishes
Felicia Jean Steele
March 23, 2015
The necessity for a global language has always existed to break down the barriers between nations and for communication to create a sense of a global community. English is quickly filling that niche, and instruction in English as a second language is expanding worldwide to places such as Nepal. Nepal is a land locked country located in Southern Asia bordered by China in the north and India in the south, east, and west with varying geographical areas, from high mountains to low lying plains (Weinberg, 61). The implementation of the instruction of English as a second language in the Nepal educational system has been impeded because of the geographical barriers within the nation and to the outside world, in addition to a lack of modern communication facilities and transportation and the isolationist policies of the Rana regime (Bista, 1). In the past learning English as a second language has been associated with power and prestige as classes were only accessible to those children, and adults, with affluent or powerful backgrounds in the social caste system. Today, English is taught to almost all students, in public, private, and higher educational settings, as it is the language in which many of the sciences are taught, in addition to language with which politics and foreign affairs are…

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